How can I get further support?

Many questions can be answered through our Help Center. [Example] Use the search field at the top of this article. You can also ask in our Second Life group by searching "Get The FREIGHT Out! (GTFO!)" inworld. [Example] If you use Discord, we have a channel called gtfo-help. The invite link for our server: Get the Freight Out! Official. Our community is always willing to help! If your question wasn't answered with these options, our Operator Support team has three ways to offer assistance.

Submit a Ticket

Our ticket support system can be used to ask questions, notify us of problems with the game, hub and VAPI troubles, and submit requests to add new hubs. Use the Submit a Request Case form. Describe your issue with as much detail as possible, so we can respond more quickly and accurately.

You can update your ticket in your support history.

Tickets can be submitted 24/7.

Live Chat Support

  • Hours: 6am to 4pm PST (9am to 7pm EST), Monday through Friday.

To start a Live Chat conversation just click on the widget. During normal operation hours, someone from our Operator Support team will be in touch. If your chat was started after hours, it will be answered on the next work day.


Operator Support Phone Line

  • Local (US/Canada): (407) 783-8302
  • Hours: 6am to 4pm PST (9am to 7pm EST), Monday through Friday

Please note: We don't offer a toll-free number that can be used outside the US/Canada at this time. You may start a Live Chat during normal operation hours or submit a request 24/7.

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