Hello Freighter Nation!

We gratefully acknowledge that GTFO! is far more than a game. It is a naturally growing community of diverse participants. The hundreds of people who have generously shared their land with the GTFO! community for the enjoyment of all. It is the many people to contribute land, vehicles, and more to the larger community of GTFO! participants which makes the entirety possible. It is with grateful acknowledgment that GTFO! exists because of the community that we have written these GTFO! Hub Provider Terms of Service (TOS). While we welcome comments, the TOS will remain in effect.

1) GTFO! Hubs will allow access to all* within the constraints of the estate or continent on which the hub resides.

*If a GTFO! Hub is on a private estate with rules, those rules apply to everyone coming to the estate to play GTFO! there.

**If a GTFO! Hub has a shortlist of avatars not allowed to access the area, that is acceptable in regards to this TOS.

2) GTFO! Hubs will provide an open rez area that accommodates all types of vehicles for that hub.

3) Elevations

a) Airport runways will be at 500m or below

b) Spaceports will be at 2000m or above

c) Exceptions may be requested

4) GTFO! Hubs are for the benefit of the whole GTFO! community. Therefore, GTFO! staff and owners have input into what is considered best use of the hub for the greater GTFO! community and is not at the sole discretion of the landowner.

5) By requesting to have land be registered with GTFO! as a GTFO! Hub, and by continuing to participate in GTFO! as a GTFO! Hub Provider, each GTFO! Hub Provider is agreeing to these GTFO! Hub Provider TOS.


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